Our story began in 1994, when City Harvest Church defined her broad purpose to be “Loving God wholeheartedly and Loving People fervently” and aspired to be a church without walls.

Find a need to meet, a hurt to heal
— Kong Hee

The members of the church began to reach out to communities living in rental housing blocks, families facing challenges and the elderly looking for someone to share their stories with.

One visit led to another. One household brought another. Before long, ministries for the elderly, special needs and Chinese-speaking were formed.

In 1997, City Harvest Community Services Association (CHCSA) was registered as a society, gaining charity and IPC status was gained in 2002. CHCSA was tasked to reach and assist the needy and marginalised, regardless of race or religion.

Together with other communities and institutions,
we can bring about transformational change.
— Kenny Low