Direct Social Services

Looking to provide in-depth services to the community, the team expanded to include a team of social service professionals in 1998. Beyond weekly visits and befriending services, our social workers handle case management and counseling work with vulnerable populations within our community.


Family Services

There are 3 core services that we have identified in the helping process for our clients. These are Information and Referral, Casework and Counselling, and Welfare Assistance. CHCSA runs this program with the hard work and dedication of 3 staff and a team of 25 volunteers.

Information and Referral

This refers to the service that provides members of the public with information relating to their requested help, such as the availability of community resources and services. CHCSA may also assist in making referrals to relevant agencies which provide the specific service or program needed.

In 2015, the team received 66 clients for our Information and Referral services. They come in the form of walk-ins, call-ins, and referrals made by other organizations.

Casework and Counselling

This refers to the service that requires caseworkers to work with clients in establishing common goals to deal with life’s challenges. There is a process of gathering information, assessment and interventive support via counseling with the purpose to equip, empower and build resilience in clients.

In 2015, 62 clients received casework and counselling services from CHCSA. Most of these clients would also be receiving other forms of support concurrently. This may include befriending, advocacy, crisis support, life skills building and welfare assistance. The agency provides both interim support as well as long term support for clients facing chronic life situations.

Welfare Assistance

This refers to supplementary practical assistance through cash and voucher support, grocery delivery, and meal support.

In 2015, 78 clients received welfare assistance and 40 families benefit from the DeliveRED programme. (A total of 261 groceries packs were delivered.)


In December 2014, a “Back to School” Project was organized to purchase 118 school bags for children returning to school in the new academic year. These bags contained vouchers for new school shoes, stationeries and a new water bottle. This project was made possible with the kind support and sponsorship of our corporate partner, Coffee:Nowhere.

In 2015, the team continued conducting Family Connection Sessions in Singapore Girls’ Home. This is the fifth run of the Project with Singapore Girls’ Home and the latest run had involved a total of 105 families (cumulative) attending the monthly sessions.